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I visited Gateway Pundit today, for the first time in a while. Although I often don't agree with the Pundit's politics, it is always an eye-opener. Too often, the media I read is focused on the same issues. How important, really, is Cindy Sheehan, for example, in the global scheme of things? Gateway Pundit brings news from the front lines across the world in the fight between freedom and oppression. For example, the hunger strike if Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji; the struggle in Nepal for democracy and a decent life; the tribulations of the Buddhist Kalmyks in the Astrakhan region settlement of Yandyki, under fire from Chechens..

The site also brings important news of some issues that do get a little more coverage here, like Mugabe's brutality in Zimbabwe, such as the secret video released in "the squalid aftermath of Harare's slum clearances".

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