Brockley - More than just a vegetable!

Slightly lost in the world reminds me that I have never actually blogged about Brockley, despite the name of the blog.

So, here's a quick link to a good cause: Campaign for Brockley Market (which Cllr Brown posted on months ago). Also check this News Shopper article and the latest from the Brockley Cross Action Group.

Here's Slightly Lost's list of Brockley bloggers (comments are his):
Bob from Brockley
Gallant Duck
Midnight Sex Talk/ (Note: pornographic content, thats not even gay!)
Mikey T (recommended)
The maturest student in the world
Bad Dog (Note: pornographic or rude content)

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It's great to hear that by taking illustration at school doesn't confine me strictly to that type of work! and that your a self taught animator!
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