Sound Murderer (Loafin' In Brockley)

Just came across this great mid-90s drum'n'base track by Remarc.

MP3 links: Sound Murderer (Loafin' In Brockley mix) (from Juno records) // Sound Murderer (Loafin' in Brockley mix) (from Let It Roll - check out other great South East London jungle too: UK Apache "Original Nutter" and General Levy's "Incredible")

In the mix: JFunk's Hardcore Peckham Junglist 1 hour mixtape (from Breakbeat Forum - alongside the tracks that define the mid-90s for me: Ron Size's "Jazz Thing", Firefox's "Warning", Shy FX's "Gangsta Kid" and Ray Keith's "Yes Yes" - the sound of summer in Deptford)

Blog link: S/FJ: El Crispy's. On West Broadway: 'That classic '94 sound—"Amen" breaks cut up and strung from every light fixture, some 808 kicks for a bassline and straight ragga yelling. That's all you need. But Remarc sprinkles some extra sugar on the hot-as-fuck griddle of the beat, and lets it crystallize and smoke: someone whistling "If I Were A Rich Man," strings from an old soul record. A bit more than the track needed and so welcome. I can't get enough of this moment in production. It sounds, as it always has, like a big orange Gerber daisy forcing its way up through the topsoil and punching you in the face on its way towards the sun.'


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