Fascists? (Shrill tone)

A couple of weeks ago I said:
"I'm half-heartened, half-dissappointed that Harcamone's post below and particularly mine on Galloway have attacted attention from sort of the fascists who think that Blair is more evil than Al-Qaeda and from those who think you can only comment on Islam if you are Muslim. Apparently, Harcamone is "too caught up in the media's propaganda and cant see the real world". In the real world, I guess, there are no Muslim terrorists."
A reader responded:
"C'mon, Bob, 'fascists'? Looking at those comments, I hardly think their posters qualify as 'fascists'. You've been making *some* valid points here about the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the 'left', but the shrill tone ill becomes you... what are you really trying to say?"
Well, I guess I should make it clear that I don't think it is fascist as such to think that Blair is more evil than Osama. But I do think it is a stupid and, yes, an evil thing to think.

I also do not think that insomniac botoxjunkie is a fascist, for saying that you can only comment on Islam if you're a Muslim ("i dont know where you get your information from but the fact is you cannot speculate and comment in such a strak fashion about the muslim world and Islam, when your neither a muslim nor is your religion Islam.") I just think is a very foolish thing to say. The same logic would stop me commenting in a "strak" fashion about most things I guess.

Botoxjunkie continues:
"Think about this for a second.. when the IRA was bombimg england, how many times did you see, hear or read about "christian or catholic or protestant" bombers?? You can place the blame e.g. the london bombs on all muslims.. you are too caught up in the media's propaganda and cant see the real world.."
I thought for a second, and decided that this is because IRA bombers were not bombing in the name of Christianity, or indeed Catholicism (and obviously not Protestantism), but in the name of Irish republicanism, hence you tended to read about "Irish republican bombers". Today's attacks are from people bombing in the name of Islam.

When I used the word fascist, I was referring to the person who wrote the comments about this post, who shows how the Juan Cole logic can lead to the Antiwar.com position (which I do think is fascist), and beyond...

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