Banksy in Israel

UPDATE: Banksy can fuck off (One Man & His Blog: Banksy Backlash)
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I wonder if Bansky can likewise Graffitty the Palestinian side for: - Freedom of Expression
- Gay Rights in Palestine
- Women Rights
- Anti Religious Fanaticism and above all something against suicide bombs, or maybe spray 100 virgins on the wall!

In a cynical mood.
Anonymous said…
You sad little fuck daniel: Whats the bigger violation of Human Rights, cultural chauvinism in palestine of the fact that Israel keeps over 1.5 million people in an open prison, with the ability to decide that chocolate can be put on the banned substances list. Grow the fuck up-better yet, just die.
You fucking Jew, youre right, there is a world conspiracy to kill you all, and after i read youre retardedly anachronistic comment, i'm leading it.


P.S. For your curiosity, i'm a white christian, not a black muslim extremist
Anonymous said…
Bansky is cynical about israel, the graffitys about beaches behind the segregation wall, and kids with ballons
are a complete lie.

This is in favor of israel and makes of Bansky a zionist...
Waterloo Sunset said…
Anonymous said…
Some Christian...Sheesh- harsh hatred- how can you even call yourself one? get therapy, not religion, sad angry warmonger

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