Deptfordism 2

Deptford in the news:

Simon Jenkins "Prescott Towers, the height of architectural imbecility": Ultimately, it will be John Prescott who says yes or no to the Convoys development. Here, columnist Simon Jenkins attacks Prescott's role in the fact that the "ever-narrowing Thames will seem like a torrent in a canyon of high-rise."

'Time bomb' incinerators: a scientist warns of the dangers posed to our endz by the
Sidcup, waste incinerators of Dartford and Deptford and the sewage incinerator at Belvedere. (Incidentally, "recycling" is a major part of what the GLA wants to happen on the Convoys site...)

In pursuit of monsters: On "controversial" playwright Dennis Kelly, who writes about thongs like terrorist attacks on London. "I live in Deptford, and it's like the Bible Belt," Kelly says. "You walk up Deptford High Street and it's full of different types of churches."

Shooting on Milton Court: In South Central LA they have drive-by shootings. In South East London, we apparently have the "pedal-by".

Civic Trust says houses don’t build communities: A report based on Pepys, Convoys and Deptford.

Added: Just found this: In the Water: Thursday- Where will you be? (on Hong Kong - see comments by Bill Ellson for Convoys material)

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